Temp to Hire Vs. Direct Hiring: The Best Option for Your Business

Temp to Hire Vs. Direct Hiring: The Best Option for Your Business

Direct hiring is the conventional process where companies independently find full-time employees to take on various roles. You send out ads across various sources listing the requirements, receive applications, and then shortlist before finding the right candidates. On the other hand, for temp-to-hire, a company reaches out to a staffing/temp agency for help to find a temporary candidate who is ready to work for 3–6 months with the possibility of being a full-time employee.

Not sure which way to go? The following are the differences between direct hire and temp-to-hire to help you decide what is best for your business.


Is it an emergency where you need someone to fill the position immediately? You may not have the time to send adverts and conduct interviews before narrowing down to the most suitable candidate. In such cases, a temp-to-hire is the best option to keep operations running.


When considering direct hire vs. temp-to-hire, the latter is the preferred option when budget is a concern. If you need the role filled but are on a tight budget, you cannot afford to pay for time off and other benefits accorded to other employees. You are safer going for a short-term member that will stand in with less strain on your budget.


What is the nature of your business? People in the property management industry, for instance, know about seasonal demands. The workload may keep fluctuating, so it won’t be convenient for the company to directly hire a full-time employee. For such cases, a temp-to-hire is the best investment for the company.

Need for a Trial Period

If you are keen on hiring but on a trial basis, it is better to opt for a temp-to-hire. This way, it will be easier to assess performance and check whether the candidate will be a perfect fit for rehiring. This comes in handy when you want a role filled in the meantime and lack the time to hire directly.


Maybe you are a growing business or a start-up and don’t yet know your way in the industry. If the hiring and interviewing process seems too complex or may be time-consuming for you, your best bet would be to choose a temp-to-hire option over a technical direct hire.

Seek Professional Advice From an Expert

Are you torn between temp-to-hire and direct hire? There are several reasons why you should seek the services of a property management staffing agency in North Carolina. OnSite Property Solutions will help if you urgently need a talented and experienced temp-to-hire.