Questions To Ask When Hiring an Apartment Maintenance Technician

Questions To Ask When Hiring an Apartment Maintenance Technician

Running a property comes with a fair share of challenges, and you need a reliable manager to help find solutions. A maintenance tech will step in during plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other problems to ensure the tenants are comfortable and happy. The problem: How do you find the perfect apartment maintenance technician? What questions will guide you in determining how competent they are? Read on to find out.

How To Use Direct Questions When Choosing The Right Apartment Maintenance Technician

You can ask the following questions to find the most suitable candidates.

Have you ever worked in a multi-unit complex?

The expertise to handle an apartment building is different from managing only one property. There are more units and tenants to deal with, so the job can be quite demanding. Therefore, you need a professional with experience in multi-unit complexes that can juggle various requests at the same time.

What is your level of experience in customer service?

An excellent maintenance tech will be effective at communication. Tenants can be demanding when they need repairs, especially when they affect daily tasks. So, you should know how they can communicate with them during high-pressure situations, calming them down and assuring them of solutions.

How do you handle multiple maintenance requests?

This question will let you know how organized the candidate is. Are they skilled at prioritizing urgent requests? At any given time, there may be multiple maintenance requests, and the best way to tackle them is in order of urgency. For instance, a leak is an emergency request that should be addressed before other tasks.

How far do you live from the property?

Maintenance work usually requires immediate attention, and you need a tech living nearby who will be available within the shortest time possible. You should know if you can depend on them to show up within minutes of an emergency and solve the problems, so the closer they live, the better.

How do you go about complex tasks?

Sometimes, the tasks are too complex, even for a highly experienced maintenance tech. Your line of question should pinpoint whether you are hiring a team player who is excellent at problem-solving. A professional will understand there are instances where they will need help from other senior members in the department or will have to call in an external contractor.

Let the Experienced Technicians Handle Your Apartment Maintenance

You should be cautious when hiring a maintenance tech for your apartment because you want a highly qualified individual with hands-on experience. Finding one on your own can be hectic and risky. Therefore, consider outsourcing the work to OnSite Property Solutions, a certified maintenance technician staffing company in Atlanta.