Careers in Apartment Maintenance

Careers in Apartment Maintenance

Property owners are always looking for diligent and hardworking people to help maintain their properties. Apartment maintenance is one of the most fulfilling careers, and you get to enjoy keeping guests, residents, renters, and staff members comfortable. It is also the best place to start if you want to pursue property management. The following are the various types of jobs in apartment maintenance.


Porters are responsible for ensuring the building is clean and comfortable for everyone. You will sweep and mop the floors in the hallway, clean various rooms, change bulbs, order supplies needed, and make minor repairs. You will report to the management for any job that is too complex for you to handle or requires a different skill set.

What skills do you need as a porter working in an apartment building? You should have excellent communication skills with the staff and guests, respectfully interacting with them and helping them solve their problems. You may also be required to have basic technical skills to conduct minor repairs.

Maintenance Technician

Another vital role among the different types of jobs in apartment maintenance is that of maintenance techs. They are in charge of handling all the repairs in the building. As a technician, you must know your way around electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. That’s why you need the relevant training certifications and experience to get the job.

It can be a demanding career, so highly skilled people are needed to handle the various technical tasks in and around the building. You may be called upon to repair hot water systems, fix faucets, install wall sockets, and repair other appliances.

Maintenance Supervisor

The maintenance supervisor oversees other staff members working in apartment maintenance. When taking up this role, you will be in charge and expected to direct all their activities. This higher rank means that you should have multiple skills. You will make sure that all the tasks are completed safely and perfectly.

You should know the ins and outs of building codes and safety regulations, as well as how to prepare inventories, create work schedules, write performance reviews, and perform other clerical and managerial tasks. To do this, you need at least a high school diploma, and you must also attend a training school and get experience before being employed.

Apartment Maintenance Jobs in Macon

Apartment maintenance is an exciting and rewarding career and serves as a stepping stone to a role in property management. If you are interested and believe you have what it takes, contact OnSite Property Solutions, a property management staffing agency in Macon.